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MC4181NX Master Clock
MC4181NX Master Clock

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Product Code: MC4181NX

Product Description

MC4181NX Master Clock



Ideal for Schools, Hospitals, Factories ....

Corrects all major analog and digital secondary clocks, including ATS AE, AN, and CC Series RS232 Digital Clocks.

For OEM applications, specified Time Code Output is available.

Computer Interface with MC Programming Software is included.

Multi-Zone, Multi-Schedule, and Custom Weeks - provide Annual Programming with up to 100 events per day.

Programmable, Automatic Daylight Savings Time and Leap Year Correction.

Keyboard selected time base - 50Hz, 60Hz, or 0.003% Crystal

Non-Volatile Memory - Keeps time and program for indefinite power outages.

Eight Circuits - Heavy Duty Relays rated at 120VAC - 15 AMP

Options available:

Built-In AC and DC Power Supplies for driving secondary clocks and bells.

120 VAC - 50 Hz, 220 VAC- 60 Hz or 220 VAC- 50 Hz operation.

GPS Interface

The MC4181NX Master Clock has a powerful operating program which provides up to 100 events per day, Annual Programming, Custom Week Programming, User Selected Time Base, and Built-In Secondary Clock Correction Modes. Correction for most analog and digital secondary clocks, including three-wire synchronous, minute impulse, bipolar  minute impulse and all Midnight synchronized digital clocks is provided. A Time Code Output is also available for specified OEM Applications.

In addition the MC4181NX has an RS232 I/O Port for interfacing to computers, GPS Master Clocks, and ATS digital  clocks such as the AE, AN, and CC Series Large Digital clocks. An optional GPS-TR3 Master Clock Interface can be    added to the MC4181NX for accurate NIST Time updates.

MC Programming Software is included, which allows the user to create master clock programs on a PC, store them, and upload them to the MC4181NX. Programs can also be down loaded from the MC4181NX to the PC. Other utilities are included for synchronizing the MC4181NX to a PC, or the PC to the MC4181NX.


Popular Options for the MC4181NX

MC-OPT-014  Built-In 24 VDC, 1/2 Amp Power Supply for driving secondary clocks.

MC-OPT-012 Built-In 24 VDC, 2 Amp Power Supply for driving secondary clocks.

MC-OPT-016 Built-In 24 VAC, 4 Amp Transformer for powering system clocks and bells.

GPS-TR3 GPS Master Clock Interface. NIST Time Reference

Includes GPS-427 Antenna/Receiver.

MC-OPT-PWR Power options are available for 120 or 220 VAC and 50 or 60 Hz.  


Programming Capabilities:


Auto-Prompt Programming provides display information to guide the operator during program setup. 200 Powerful Program Steps provide up to 1400 multi-zone events per week. Up to 10 Basic Plans (schedules) with weekdays, custom weeks and single day events. 20 Annual Plans provide starting and ending dates for scheduling any of the 10 Basic Plans. Programmable Daylight Savings Time adjustments. Programmable momentary and steady state outputs. Ring bells and control equipment. Built-In Secondary Clock Correction for analog and digital clocks. Works with MCPROGRAMMING Software for complete computer synchronization and control, including the uploading and downloading of master clocks programs.

Power - 12O VAC, 60 Hz, 1 Amp Maximum. Other power is optional.

Outputs - Eight relays (six SPST, two SPDT) rated at 15 Amps, 120VAC or 30VDC resistive load.

Wiring - Terminal blocks are provided for all field wiring.

Backup - Non-Volatile Memory keeps time and program for indefinite power outages.

RS232 I/O - Interfaces to computers, GPS Master Clocks and for driving ATS, CC, AN, and AE Series Large Digital Clocks and Displays.

Enclosure - Large Wall Mount Enclosure measures 12" W x 16" H x 4.5" D. Conduit knockouts are provided on sides, top, bottom, and back. Backlighted, 32 Character, Two-Line, Alphanumeric LCD Display. Clearly labeled, 4 x 4 keyboard (16 keys).


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