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Netbell-KB-E2M Web-based Break Buzzer System
Netbell-KB-E2M Web-based Break Buzzer System

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The Netbell-KB-E2M is a compact, self-contained web-based break buzzer system for factories to
build a fully automated web-based timed alert system for signaling shift changes, general alarm,
and breaks in areas of high ambient noise levels. The system is built on a TCP/IP platform with a
built-in web server, which allows users to access, control, and schedule the buzzer accurately
and effectively over the network from any computer using a standard web browser.
The Netbell-KB-M2 features a high quality 4 inch high output buzzer that can cover up to 25,000
Sqf Industrial Working Areas (100dBa @10', volume adjustable) and a completely wired webbased
bell controller installed within a NEMA-rated box; all software and mounting hardware
required for installation and operation is included. With the easy-to-use bell schedule software,
users can easily add event schedules with different ringing duration for different event or
import/export their existing data using a simple text format.
There are two external buzzer kits included in the system with a CP connector that provides
quick connect/disconnect the external buzzers to the Netbell-KB-E2M server to cover larger
areas. To add the external buzzers is incredibly easy, just connect the external buzzer kit with
the provided cable, plug the cable to the external buzzer CP connector, you are all set. The
external buzzers can be connected at 250 feet away with 18AWG cable (500 feet with 16AWG
cable) to the server. With the external push button switch you can ring the buzzers manually in
the events of emergency.
List Price: $1,980.00
Our Price: $1,782.00
Sale Price: $1,782.00
Savings: $198.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Product Code: 01-910-00052-

Description Technical Specs
Linortek NETBELL-KB-E2M All-In-One Extra Loud Automatic Factory Warehouse Break
Buzzer System Programmable Bell Timer Web-based Bell Controller w/ Two External Buzzer and
One Push Button Switch to Ring Buzzer Manually for Emergency
  • • COMPACT AND SELF-CONTAINED: All-in-one automatic bell system with the hardware and
  • software you need to control your timed alert system. No extra software or designated computer
  • required. Adding schedules from any computer on your network without having to go through the
  • firewall

  • • FULLY PROGRAMMABLE: Up to 500 programmable event schedules, each event can be set to a
  • different duration for different break time, the buzzer schedules can be imported and exported from
  • existing data in .txt format

  • • EASY TO USE: It’s ready to go out of the box, you need only connect the unit to power and the
  • existing network with the provided cables, access the Netbell web interface to setup and add
  • schedules with a standard web browser over the network

  • • EASY TO INSTALL: Use as either a network or a standalone device, connect to network or directly to
  • computer for initial setup then it will work as scheduled. With the built-in Real Time Clock and user
  • settable NTP server, you can accurate control of when the buzzers ring (HH:MM:SS, SUNDAYSATURDAY)
  • or pull the time from your existing NTP server

  • • EASY TO EXPAND: Two additional relay outputs with a CP connector that provides quick
  • connect/disconnect two certified buzzers if you have larger areas need to be covered (external
  • buzzers are not included, purchased separately). With the built-in remote function, you can ring
  • multiple buzzers at multiple buildings cross a network from one simple web interface without the
  • need of hard-wiring the buzzers to a central control station (a slave controller Koda 100 will be
  • needed for the remote locations to receive signals).

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