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Netbell-K-E1 Web-based Break Bell System
Netbell-K-E1 Web-based Break Bell System

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The Netbell-K-E1 is a compact, self-contained design that was created with ease-of-use in mind.
The system is built on a TCP/IP platform with a built-in web server, which allows users to access,
control, and schedule the bell accurately and effectively over the network from any computer
using a standard web browser.
Intended to be an all-in-one solution, the Netbell-K-E1 features a built-in high quality 6 inch high
output bell (86dB) and a completely wired web-based bell controller installed within a NEMArated
box, all software and mounting hardware required for installation and operation is
included. With the easy-to-use bell schedule software, users can easily add event schedules with
different ringing duration for different event or import/export their existing data using a simple
text format. Now it is easy for schools, factories to have a fully automated web-based timed
alert system for signaling shift changes, general alarm and breaks in areas of high ambient noise
There is an external bell kit included in the system with a CP connector that provides quick
connect/disconnect the external bell to the Netbell-K-E1 server to cover a larger area. To add
the external bell to the Netbell-K-E1 is incredibly easy, just connect the external bell kit with the
provided bell cable, plug the bell cable to the Netbell-K-E1 second bell CP connector, you are all
set. The external bell can be connected at 250 feet away with 18AWG cable (500 feet with
16AWG cable) to the Netbell-K-E1 server.
List Price: $1,184.00
Our Price: $1,066.00
Sale Price: $1,066.00
Savings: $118.00

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Product Code: 01-910-00045

Description Technical Specs
Linortek NETBELL-K-E1 All-In-One TCP/IP Loud Electric School Factory Warehouse Break
Alarm Bell System Automatic Programmable Bell Timer Software Web-based Electronic Bell
Controller System w/One External Bell.
  • • COMPACT AND SELF-CONTAINED: All-in-one automatic bell system with the hardware and
  • software you need to control your timed alert system. No extra software or designated
  • computer required. Adding schedules from any computer on your network without having
  • to go through the firewall

  • • FULLY PROGRAMMABLE: Up to 500 programmable event schedules, each event can be set
  • to a different duration for different break time, the bell schedules can be imported and
  • exported from existing data in .txt format

  • • EASY TO USE: It’s ready to go out of the box, you need only connect the unit to power and
  • the existing network with the provided cables, access the Netbell web interface to setup and
  • add schedules with a standard web browser over the network

  • • EASY TO INSTALL: Use as either a network or a standalone device, connect to network or
  • directly to computer for initial setup then it will work as scheduled. With the built-in Real
  • Time Clock and user settable NTP server, you can accurate control of when the bells ring
  • (HH:MM:SS, SUNDAY-SATURDAY) or pull the time from your existing NTP server

  • • EASY TO EXPAND: An additional external bell with a CP connector that provides quick
  • connect/disconnect the second bell to cover a larger area. With the built-in remote function,
  • you can ring multiple bells at multiple buildings cross a network from one simple web
  • interface without the need of hard-wiring the bells to a central control station (a slave
  • controller Koda 100 will be needed for the remote locations to receive signals)

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