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Break Bell and Buzzer Systems

For large workforces, efficiency is key to successful business management. That’s why we provide the most reliable break time bell and buzzer assemblies on the market to ensure your workforce is efficiently managed and aware of all routine breaks. With our break buzzer systems, you’ll not only get reliability, but all alerts and bells emit pleasing tones. Employees will be aware of breaks, but not alarmed or disrupted by the bells. While our factory bell systems are durable and reliable, we do offer select replacement parts and assemblies as needed. These break bells work great for use as school bell systems too!

Break time buzzers typically sound at the same routine intervals, but our systems know that sometimes timing needs change depending on the day of the week. Whether breaks are at the same time each day, or vary depending on day of the week, our timed break bell systems are easily programmable and schedulable as needed. Time is precious. Care for your business’ time with one of the best break bell systems available today.

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AP21LV Timer Switch
Our Price: $299.00
MC41LV Timer Switch
Our Price: $499.00
AP21-BP1 Break Bell System
Our Price: $425.00
MC41-BP1 Break Bell System
Our Price: $580.00
MC4181NX Master Clock
Our Price: $860.00
Push Button Buzzer System
Our Price: $435.00
Tone Generator
Our Price: $225.00
Heavy Duty Power Supply
Our Price: $47.99
Relay/Transformer Assembly
Our Price: $225.00
Key Lock Box
Our Price: $138.00
Crystal Base Time Chip
Our Price: $55.00
Weather Proof Box
Our Price: $25.00
Extra Bell Assemblies
Our Price: $195.00
MC22-BH2 Break Buzzer System
Our Price: $1,070.00